Our History

2Konnie Prentice grew up as a small girl in the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland. She loved all animals but had a special place in her heart for cats and liked nothing more than dressing them up and taking them for a walk in a carriage across the meadow.

Purrfection Cat Grooming is the culmination of 10 years of Konnie’s experience in the world of pet grooming. It was evident that there were very limited options for cat owners to have their cats cleaned and groomed. Where some services were offered, the results were often less than satisfactory for both the cat and their owner. Konnie was frustrated in observing the poor grooming results for cats when compared to those provided to their canine counterparts.

Purrfection Cat Grooming has come out of the desire to provide quality grooming care specifically for cats. Konnie attended a seminar on cat grooming and it was a revelation. There was a better way, a safer way, a more informed way to provide grooming that leaves cats feeling better and looking and smelling great.

Konnie had already been grooming cats for 3 years when she made the commitment to go through the certification process for cat grooming.. Konnie is proud to have achieved achieved certification as a Certified Feline Master Groomer. She is the first groomer with this certification providing services in the Durham region.

Purrfection Cat Grooming Salon has been set up with your pet’s care and safety in mind. Konnie makes use of the latest grooming equipment specifically designed for feline grooming. Providing a quality grooming experience for your pet is a way for Konnie to combine a lifelong love of animals with her skills developed over years of caring for valued pets. Konnie would love to welcome you to her cat grooming salon in the heart of Whitby’s character filled downtown. Phone her at [905]665.2280 or email konnie@purrfection.ca to book your appointment.

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