Your 1st Visit

-1Here is the information that you need for your cat’s first visit to Purrfection Cat Grooming Salon.

To begin, contact us for an appointment. You may email us but appointments made by phone [905] 665.2280 are more efficient. We will ask you a few questions and that will help us determine what services are appropriate for your cat and try to find a appointment time that suits your schedule. At this time our grooming services are available Tuesday through Saturdays by appointment.

It is a good idea to allow 2-3 hours for a first time visit. This will allow time and space for us to get to know your cat and for your cat to get used to our salon. Typically much less time is required but every cat is unique and some need more time. Our focus is on the safety and comfort of your pet during the grooming process.

We require that you bring your cat in a carrier for their safety and for those that are in the shop.

There are two forms to fill out. The first form is a client information and release form. This form is provided so that you understand the unique nature of our services. Cat grooming is a specialized area of grooming and should be respected as such. This form provides us with all the information that we need to contact you in case of an emergency situation. Your cat’s safety and well being are the priority. DOWNLOAD THE RELEASE FORM HERE – please print it off and fill it out (or you can fill one out when you arrive at the salon).

The second form to be completed is a client card for each cat you own. This card contains all your cat’s information and your veterinarian’s contact information. This card is also where you can list any areas of concern (for example shedding or sharp claws). We also keep track of your visits and the services provided. The card stays out with your cat during its visit for ongoing reference and updating.

When we first meet your cat we will do an assessment. We will check the condition of the coat and get an idea of your cats temperament. At this point we will discuss what grooming services are most appropriate.

We generally start the grooming process right after you leave. We gently introduce the cat to its new environment and the tools that will be used. In our experience despite the myths about cats not liking to be bathed or groomed, they often adapt quickly even to the point of enjoyment. You are called when the groom is complete.

We recommend that you pre-book your next appointment in order to avoid disappointment and to make sure that you get the time that best suits you. Keeping to a regular grooming schedule is a good way to keep your cat feeling great and looking its best.

Here’s a list of useful FAQ’S.
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